From shipping wind turbines to supporting little dreams take flight

Sembcorp upcycles wooden packing boxes into school benches and desks

Case Study

To help improve school infrastructure in a sustainable manner around its areas of operation, Sembcorp recycled wooden packing boxes for its turbines into school benches and desks.

At Sembcorp’s SECI 3 wind power project in Bhuj, Gujarat state, the company provided 140 such benches to Shree Gadhsissa Mafat Nagar School and Shree Saraswati Primary and Middle School, thereby meeting an infrastructure need in these two schools in an environmentally friendly way, that benefits more than 400 students in the locality.

Sembcorp promotes education across several schools within its area of operations by providing suitable infrastructure and basic amenities to help young minds to flourish in a sound learning ecosystem. Sembcorp believes in committing its energy and resources for the good of the planet and its people. Through community initiatives like providing smart educational boards and laptops, the company is helping improve the quality of teaching and students’ performance in schools in urban slums and the interior parts of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Madhya Pradesh. Besides, Sembcorp has also provided access to potable drinking water facilities at most of the village schools.

Education plays a vital role in nation-building. Through focused initiatives, interventions, programmes in education, healthcare, and skills development, within local communities, Sembcorp helping young minds to pursue their dreams.