Sembcorp has a key role in improving educational infrastructure in the local communities. This includes providing educational kits and transport for children as well as construction of classrooms.

More than 1,350 employment opportunities have been created for skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled work as part of local sourcing of labour.

In the area of education, more than 2,500 school children in 25 schools are benefiting from our educational infrastructure support in our area of operations. More than 1,600 families in the local communities have been impacted positively by interventions undertaken to improve education standards.

Sembcorp has also initiated a unique programme called Akshardaan, aimed at improving the quality of education for every child in the surrounding government schools. Some of the major activities implemented by the employees under Akshardaan are:

Electrical works and donation of fans and utensils for midday meals in the schools
Distribution of 1,600 educational kits by employees in 21 government schools in the area.