Decarbonisation Initiatives

Project Harit: An afforestation and decarbonisation initiative to help improve green cover within our communities

SEIL Energy's long-standing commitment to sustainability is foundational to the organisation’s efforts to do good, and work closely with its community to improve their quality of life and empower them in an all-encompassing manner. Over the years the company has been developing green cover by planting saplings to grow green belts in and around its area of operations.

As a part of its afforestation and decarbonisation programme, Project Harit was undertaken to improve green cover through a comprehensive plantation drive at seven public institutions across Nellore and Tirupati districts in Andhra Pradesh. During the first phase of the project, we planted over 16,400 saplings. The plantation drive spanned across public spaces, buildings and key institutional infrastructure - residential schools, colleges, and a police parade ground. These efforts covered an approximate area of 40 acres. The enhanced green cover is expected to sequester around 3200 tons of CO2 over the years. SEIL remains focused on its path towards business success, built on the foundation of operational, environmental, social and governance sustainability.